I am writing this blog to share my personal suggestions to my sister-in-law before her wedding. She approached me 1 year before her wedding for suggestions on skin and beauty treatments. She was really happy and satisfied with my treatment advises, procedures and results. Therefore, I thought it would be a real good idea to put those tips for my patients and general public who care for their skin and beauty. Just to add she is a happy soul after getting married and is coming to me even post marriage.The blog “10 Beauty tips after marriage” will be written in my next segment.  

1.   My sister-in-law’s skin complexion is really fair. Hence, I advised her regular use of Sunscreen SPF 30. It is the foremost thing to start using daily. Marriage is an occasion which involves lot of shopping and outdoor traveling. Sunscreens SPF 30 will keep you protected from the sun-tan you want to avoid. Usage: Every 3 hourly and half an hour before sun exposure;before you step out for shopping. I advise sunscreens based on the type of skin of the person i.e dry or oily. Once you start using it, it becomes a routine. A sunscreen can also substitute your face cream.  She found the usage of sunscreen effective and now uses it daily.  

2. My sister-in-law was below 30 years of age. Hence, I advised her to apply Vitamin C rich serum at night daily on the face. If she would have been above 30 years, I would have advised her Vitamin A rich serum as it has stronger action. Both Vitamin A and C being anti-oxidants, have an Anti-aging effect and reduces the pigmentation.Usage:Apply it on face at night after face wash. It substitutes the night cream and brings about a fresh and glowy face every morning. 

3. She has 1 year time gap between engagement and marriage. I advised her Laser hair removal (LHR) of whole body to avoid hassles of waxing at the end moment and enjoy the flawless skin. It relieved her of the painful waxing and she was comfortable with the Laser hair removal procedure. Though, after taking the first session, she wasn’t as convinced to continue; but I forced her and she took 2 more sessions 4 weeks part; and in the end she was really happy with the results. The new hair that appeared were thinner and the quantity was significantly reduced. She stopped visiting the beauty parlor for any waxing services and was satisfied taking LHR sessions after every 4-6 weeks; and completed 7 sessions before the marriage. 

4. She is a shopaholic and crazy about the new make-up products launched in the market. Her mother used to tell me that she used to spend approximately Rs 20K every month on makeup before visiting for my consultation. For this I recommended her cautious use of the products- i.e,  · Non-comedogenic products (Comedogenic products are the one which tends to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin)·        

While buying, she must try and see for any reaction. Avoid any reaction-causing products·Use of Make-up remover always-at night before sleep; as there may be skin breakouts with long time application.

 5. She is real talkative person, so I guessed that she must be talking long hours with her fiancé on mobile at night. I personally advised her to ensure full sleep to avoid dark circles,take less stress, and drink 3-4 L of water daily. This helped her to keep her skin hydrated and toned.

6. As what goes with my personal experience marriage requires lot of planning and so does the procedures and treatments I personally planned her face and body treatments 3 months before the marriage in which I started her on an intensive regimen and her trust in me helped me to ensure effectiveness and I am really glad that it helped in getting the best results.

7.  1st planned session was for Microdermabrasion treatment which is skin polishing sessions for her body. The procedure takes off the superficial layers of the skin and removes uneven tone – makes body smooth. It was done for her full body – duration was 1-2 hours/session – with a total of 6 sessions at 2 weekly intervals.

8.  2nd planned session was for Photofacial treatment for her face. The light induced treatment breaks the extra pigment inside your skin, clears all your dark marks and gives glow.It was done for her full face- duration was 30 minutes/session- with a total of 3 sessions at 1 month interval 

9.  Along the way during sessions especially 2 weeks before wedding I warned her not to try any new treatment,any new facial, or cleansing etc. Caution is required, as any reaction to a new procedure or product may persist for 1-2 weeks and, it may not be possible to be concealed.

10. My sister-in-law was slightly overweight. She was reluctant to joining gym as she was already occupied in her work and marriage preparations. She wanted some fat losing treatments. She asked me to do Liposuction on her. I rejected that idea and explained her that Liposuction is for a localized area filled with stubborn, resistant fat and not for weight reduction. I suggested her to shift her routine to some yoga and breathing exercises at home and a balanced diet with more of antioxidant foods – avocado, carrots, beetroot, oranges (for example); which helped her in reducing weight and improving skin texture. I advised her not to lose more than 500 grams in a week as excessive weight loss in a short span of time creates stress on the body causing increased hair fall,and certain nutritional deficiencies. She wisely followed my advice 4 months before marriage and lost 5 kg till the day of marriage.I swear, she looked beautiful on her marriage as every bride should be :)