A relaxed mother ensures that her baby gets enough supply of milk through her only and she does not have to depend upon feeding bottles or artificial top feeds and save her baby from the risks of infections.

This is applicable to women who have had operative deliveries. First two days only drops called Colostrum is secreted by nature and these drops carry immunity against most of the diseases suffered by the mother so far. Immunity passes on to the baby without getting vaccinations through the proper schedule of vaccinations should be adhered to as advised by the baby doctor.

Reduce the numbers of visitors so that Mother-Baby get enough time to bond and mother is not under any tensions of looking after the 'Guests'.

Just after birth, if the baby is put next to the mother instead of a nursery, the Cheek Reflex is well known to enhance the production of milk ( the cheek of the baby should be in direct contact with breast of a mother for few moments).

The stimulation of nerves during breastfeeding helps produce more milk.

Milk stimulating foods are called galactagogues.

 Foods to be taken to increase milk production, the list is not long and most of the items are available in our kitchens:

1) Sesame seeds (til) 

2) White oats or wheat Dalia well cooked

3) milk which has few

4) nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts and maybe peanuts.

5) Garlic. add few pods to the vegetable of choice.

6) Fennel Seeds.

7) Unripe papaya.It is a mild sedative also and helps the mother to relax better.

8) Oatmeal-loaded with energy, has fiber to ward off constipation which is a common symptom during the post-partum period.

9) Fenugreek seeds. Soak seeds for few hours and chew on sprouted seeds along with a glass of milk, helps to ward off constipation, acidity, toss in the seeds to consume them is as flavouring and seasoning.

10)Spinach, carrots, Water and other seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Remember that the mother who feeds only her milk for 6 months continuously without giving additional milk or water keeps her baby safe from infections and needs no contraceptives or weight management therapies to get back her size and shape.

Breastfeeding is a biological process and baby has a right to it.

There may not be any need to make a show off in public places to Promote Breast Feeding.

Modesty, thy name is The Woman!