Get eyes tested along with complete heart examination by a reputed team if the person is-

Your age is above 40 years.

have a family history of eye disease.

get your eyes and heart checked at least once in a year.

you have diabetes.

you have glaucoma.

Who knows during routine examination of the person wearing glasses with Stable Minus Power since his/ her college /school days and on examination the power gets Reduced from Minus 4 to Minus 2.

Yes it happens while the person with hazy vision visits doctor despite same spectacles he/she has been using for years but goes to get routine examination fearing a cataract / glaucoma. And there is surprise in store that he/she is wearing spectacles with Wrong & Higher Power- the same ones , the Companion since ages, since school days.

Do Visit doctor and be prepared for surprises. A good doctor Can Say to a 40 + person that There is Nothing Wrong with the Eyes / Heart.

The rule is applicable more to women around menopausal time. They are prone to heart disease and cataracts but they do get their eye powers reduced. 

Eat foods rich in beta carotene as it is a precursor of Vitamin A , essential for good vision.

If one eats enough of this fat soluble vitamin A with water soluble precursors ,there is no need to take extra Vitamin A ( extra dose of vitamin A does lead to complications including blindness).

Good sources of beta carotene are yellow colored fruits and vegetables eaten raw , nuts , pure ghee, butter and dairy products.

During good old days an opthalmoscope was in the bag of every physician/ cardiologist along with basic stethoscope.- device to look into eyes including retina which gives us impressions which takes the images we see around us and has lots of blood vessels

Doctors looking at blood vessels of retina could predict a heart attack risk due to blockages seen in vessels of retina -the screen of eyes.

Happy Vision , Happy visibility and Happy Prevention of Eyes.

Take care specially during Diwali Days & Crackers associated with this festival to please Goddess Laxmi who likes Color , Noise and Clean habits.