Any breach on our skin will leave a scar, bigger or smaller, deeper or superficial and the scarring is proportional to these factors (Only babies in the womb will not get scars.)

An individual's interest and commitment is the primary factor in getting an inconspicuous mark. 

Successful TIPS to insure a better scar - C A L M

  • (C) Compression of the scar-  scar compression either by garments, gel sheets, silicone gel applications (Flattens scars)
  • (A) Avoid direct sunlight- Especially avoid forenoon sun which has more UV rays (Scar darkening is lessened)
  • (L) Local applications- Scar reducing (not removing) creams are many (Makes the scar supple) 
  • (M) Massage the scar- Scar massage should start ASAP.  It should be generous, repetitive, long term and  in circular motion.

The mainstay is SCAR MASSAGE (M) which will cause the real turn-around of your scar.

How to begin?

  • Scar massaging should start as soon as the wound or suture heals.
  • It works better if followed in the first 6 - 8 months.
  • One can start anytime within the first 6 months (if not done immediately after healing) so that some improvement still occurs.
  • The treatment effectiveness wares off after 6-8 months and later starting or continuing may not give the same results.

We are here to guide you if needed.

Serial photographs will tell the tale!!