Over the years similar tips are bound to appear and resurface, however, it is always pertinent and relevant to the youth of that era who are on the verge of entering social relationships or have recently got into one. 

It is but of course for them to be kept informed even at cost of reiteration. There will always be a need to keep the younger generation educated on such issues regularly so that they lead a stress-free and peaceful life ahead. 

Life is a web of relationships, and nothing could be better than bringing out the beauty in such a web by turning its fragility into your strength. A relationship is worth if it brings you happiness mostly, if not always. 


Few tips as under can help to maintain a strong bonding:

1. Value Individuality: It is very important to understand that we cannot take any person for granted. After some time in a relationship, we start assuming the other person as our possessed property. We need to value the individuality of the other person. 

2. Occasional gifts/cards/flowers/surprises: A reminder of how much you cherish your significant other brings joy – to you and to them. It works more for women as they get emotionally connected to such things and associate it with love and care. Surprises amuse men as well. It would make anyone feel important. 

3. Spend Time Together: No matter how busy we are, we need to steal some time from our busy schedules and spend at least 40 minutes of quality time with our partner. It could be having evening tea together, watching some programme, going out for a walk together, or anything else. Make sure you do not even check your mobile during that time or attend any call. If it’s a long distance relationship, 20 minutes of video chatting would be great. 

4. Break the Monotony: Many times monotony sets in the lives of married couples. Weekly outing/going for a movie/dinner outside/watching some movie at home/ Sunday picnic at a nearby location or park/ playing some games together with the family indoor or outdoor/ karaoke at home etc. are some of the ideas worth trying. Make sure that chef of your house gets a break from cooking that day for at least two meals. Some quick and easy menu can be managed by other family members.

5. Communication is the key: Keep all modes of communication open. Whatever may be the problem, talking and discussing it is the part of the solution. Refrain from being defensive and try to take the criticism positively. 

6. Respect their Privacy: Give space to each other. Peeping into every aspect of your partner’s life will lead to unnecessary frustration and might indicate a lack of trust. Do not act like a spy. There is a difference between concern and spying and it becomes quite evident at times, which can be irritating. 

9. Efficient Financial Management: Financial management within the house could be a major cause of dissatisfaction and arguments among married couples. Perfect budgeting is not an easy art. Try to create another source of income. Be it any online work/work from home/tuition's/part-time job/selling out your old stuff at home /giving excess stuff at home on rent etc.If you are not able to do that then try to identify and plug the financial leakages. Both the partners are equally responsible for efficient financial management. 

10. Compliment Unapologetically: Be generous in giving compliments. Women love to receive compliments. Some men are very miser in giving compliments. It is important for men to understand that this is the only thing which would not need their ATM cards. It comes absolutely free and works equally effective as an expensive gift. Women should also learn to accept the compliments gracefully and frequently reciprocate the compliments. 

11. Understand the Psychology: Men and Women psychology is very different in many aspects. We must read good books on it to educate ourselves. It will help us to avoid many misunderstandings and miscommunications.

 12. Avoid Assumptions: Ask questions for clarity. Many times misunderstandings develop as we make our own perception and interpret as per our own convenience and understanding. It is always a good idea to clarify before making a viewpoint and being judgemental about it. It shows signs of positive mental health.

 13. Forgive: We must learn to forgive our partner. We all are human beings and make errors. We cannot expect our partner to be perfect in all aspects (Socially, Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, Financially, Academically, Professionally etc) There is no concept of perfection in human relationships. We must ask ourselves a question,“Am I perfect?” The concept of perfection varies for each individual. 

14. Respect Your Partner’s Time: Every individual has their own time schedule. Try not to disturb your partner’s schedule by asking for help with activities that you could manage on your own. Manage your time efficiently and let your partner do the same.  

 15. Physical Intimacy: It is an integral aspect of a relationship and needs to be well understood and deliberated upon. Even a hug a day could keep the doctor away. 

16. Be Supportive and Avoid Judgement: We should avoid labelling our partner with negative attributes or put him/her down by saying stuff like: “You are foolish” or “You can’t handle anything properly”. Such statements decay the relationship. It fills the other partner with a feeling of anger and revenge deep inside. Rather be supportive.If other partner commits something wrong or doesn’t know something, prefer saying a statement like: “It’s OK, we can handle this together” which would fill him/her with respect for you and strengthens the bonding.  

17. Avoid Self Judgement: We should avoid making judgments about ourselves like: “I know you think I look ugly, I look fat”. Rather choose to be straightforward enough to ask, “How do I look?”.

18. Make life simple, make things easier: Just relax and keep your sense of humour alive. Fill yourself with love, for yourself and for the world. Relationships are the most beautiful when you love yourself as much as your partner does.