We all take care of our Skin during summer months with Sun cream and lotions. We tend to forget about our eyes, precious eyes!!

Follow these tips to keep your Eyes safe:

  1. Blink Frequently: Dry air causes irritation and redness. Blink more often to keep eyes lubricated. 
  2. Drink plenty of water: This keeps your eyes hydrated and Sparkly!!
  3. UV Glasses: Overexposure to Sun causes Damage to our Retina. Use quality Eyewear which is certified 100% UV protection. This prevents long-term damage and you look cool!!
  4. Air condition: Avoid direct blast of cold air, this causes more irritation. 
  5. Sleep: For six to Eight hours. This relaxes your eye muscles and they will be able to cope better with the heat. 

If you have any symptoms of irritation, redness or vision problem, consult your Eye Specialist.