Postural faults is deviation from the normal alignment of your body. It is known that poor posture lead to pain, deformity, result in extra pressure to our joint, bone or vertebra and even impact the personality of a person. In addition to this, it will be an invitation to other problems in your body. Postural fault lead to lot of discomfort internally. 

People maintain or fix their posture merely because it make them look more confident, slimmer and attractive, while this may be true but bad posture can create many health issues also like chronic back pain, migraines, poor digestion, lack of oxygen flow, etc which are enough reason to work towards our posture. 

It's good news for all those people who want to correct their posture. 

Though there are so many factors involved in correcting the posture but its found that below two mentioned factors commonly lead to posture correction. 

  • Maintaining Secondary curves 
  • Proper distance/gap between shoulder blades/medial scapular border

Let us understand above mentioned factors in more detail.

Maintaining Secondary curves 

When a child is born , he/she have C- shaped back. This is known as primary curve (kyphotic curve). Secondary curve (Lordortic curve) develop gradually after birth as the child learns to lift his head , crawl, sit, stand and do other activities. Bad posture is result of not maintaining these curves in right way. If a person understand about these curve they will easily be able to attain good posture.

Showing Primary And secondary Curves 

Proper distance/gap between shoulder blades/medial scapular border

Few people have a tendency to keep their shoulder rounded always. They keep their shoulder in protraction which make some muscles go in stress. And excessive strain or stress on such muscle lead to muscle spasm and then leading to chronic pain, migraine, spondylosis ,trigger point syndrome, impingement syndrome, etc. 

         Excessive Protraction and Retraction of shoulder lead to poor posture

Our body is meant in such a way that it can stand against the gravity. But not all the muscles are anti gravity muscles.

Lets see an example for more clarity.

Anti Gravity muscles make sure that Line of gravity (LOG) pass through the points it is designed to pass. For you clarity, line of gravity is an imaginary vertical line passing through the center of gravity ( which helps in balancing, equilibrium or pivoting point of the body) down to a point in the base of support. If LOG deviates in any region than that region become prone to disorders like spondylitis, OA, etc. So LOG act on our body when we stand, sit, bend, or do any sort of work. Right passage of LOG keep our muscle, joint or bone more healthy and slow the process of ageing .

If you are unable to correct your posture contact physiotherapist near you. Their expertise in physical assessment will help in diagnosing limb length discrepancy, deformity or imbalance in your muscles. They will further guide you to fix your posture.  

Bonus Tip: Lot of people make use of external supports to fix their posture. There is no need for external supports example splints, back support, footwear insole, etc in many conditions. It is only applicable if a client have extreme symptoms. Other conditions can be cured by re-strengthening the weak muscle. As external Support will help you for some time but the problem will not get treated from its roots.