Tips for lost energy or interest in sex by Dr Vaibhav LunkadNothing is fatal or final so never ever give up, my dear patients, of any age or problems whatsoever.All the physical problems can be made easy by attitude towards the problems-that means how you take and solve them.Problems or people always appear hard nuts to crack at the first impression but it needs sportiveness of 100% to please anyone or crack any nut.Never duck out or go into a shell by reacting to anything.Never say immediately it's all over or just get out of my life,as the other person coming into your life could be even still worse or even HIV positive.The best part of HIV positive people is that they are at least positive in something and they are better than those people who see negative in everything.Just start your day by saying I am open and free and not carrying any blocks in my head or heart.Secondly recharge your mind by walks, jogging,yoga,pranayama,cold water baths ,massages,perfumes,meditations,and completing daily chores without any sort of procrastination.Thirdly eat light raw foods and only warm liquids  or otherwise digestion and activity will slow down badly.Fourthly ease in all ways, work ,playfulness,romantic talk, smile, behaviour ,self confidence,self-respect, a little self-love without any doubting sucking angry attitude or talk makes heaven even in hell.Fifthly herbs,cow milk ,cow ghee etc with your doctor's advice will add spark too.Sixth a kerala type or variety playful massage removes energy and mood blocks very nicely from my personal experience and also the communication blocks and starts the sex or romance all over again.Aroma baths or salt water baths and herbal vaginal douche removes those smells which can put off anybody totally.Ans remember more important than sex is body play ,hugging, cuddling, patting,clitoral fingering to climax,touching all over ,kissing,smooching,and love talk eye to eye contact,showing interest in each other.There should be more of friendly playfulness than partnering for sex performance as  a formality or responsiblity or addiction.If you have liked please like Dr Vaibhav Lunkad fb page with feedback too and just start everyday deleting the past memory totally and you are sexy all-ways.