While leading daily life style, most of the population around the world suffer from chronic or recurrent pain, that doesn’t count the “usual minor annoyances such as headache or stomach aches. Nearly half of the population don’t know what caused the pain and for the other half, specified their pain due to direct trauma, sports injuries or accidents, slipped disk, sciatica, old age and so on. The common site for“muscular-skeleton pain” is

• Foot, Ankle, Lower Limb & Knee: 40%

• Back: 30%• Neck: 10%• Shoulders: 10% 

• Elbow, Wrist & Fingers: 7% 

• Others: 3% *                                                                              

(Based on a survey conducted in America)

Pain has been a hidden disease, may be ACUTE (injury related), RECURRENT (on-again, off-again) or CHRONIC(lasting long term) and it has not received as much attention as other diseases.

Pain interferes with every one of us; it causes substantial decrease in physical activities which in turn can affect a person’s life, be it physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, or financially. 

Therefore it is imperative that we live pain free for healthy and independent living:

• Stay physically fit at all times to combat your life style at all times.

• While participate in any physical activities be methodical, set your rhythm and don’t be violent to your body.

• Focus on Strength and Endurance Training for developing stamina, energy and power to carry out various pain free physical activities.

• Get your foot, ankle and lower limb joint(s) evaluated for proper alignment, as even minor deviation can affect the overall Gait and Posture causing chronic pain and deformity.

• Maintain the flexibility and full range of movements at all joint(s) by stretching and functional training.

• Maintain a healthy weight and balanced diet.

In case you are in pain, taking injection or pain killers may not solve the problem. There is no way to be pain-free unless you get comprehensive care and get back to being active and independent as early as possible.

•As soon as you realize pain and swelling, do not ignore, don’t pop pain killers, Resort to RICE – Rest – Ice – Compression - Elongation

• In case of joint pain, wear appropriate Clinical Grade Brace to provide support, stability and strength to the joint.

• Don’t allow the pain to aggravate, consult Orthopaedic Doctor or Physical Therapist.

• In case of arthritis and degenerative changes, chronic Pain is associated with joint stiffness and swelling which severely reduce range of motion in joints. Avoiding physical activity because of pain or discomfort can lead to significant muscle loss and excessive weight gain. It can be managed by tailored made exercise program focusing on joint mobility, muscle strength and overall physical conditioning. Ageing cannot be halted. But by staying fit and healthy, you can live a complete and independent life.

Ageing cannot be halted. But by staying fit and healthy, you can live a complete and independent life.