1. Wearing Nail Polish for 7+ days may result in dry rough nails. Hence give holiday period to your nails.
  2. If you type over your laptop keyboard for long keep your nails trimmed. Pressure on tipsof long nails may cause splitting & fraying of nails
  3. Always use non acetone nail paint remover.
  4. Moisturise your hands regularly so that skin beneath the nail cuticle remains hydrated.


Lot is talked about sunscreen nowadays we all know its important to use it.Let us focus today on SPF SPF (Sun Protection Factor).I deal with this query everyday - Doc whats the ideal SPF for my skin.

My answer

SPF of 20-30 is good enough, especially if you’re sitting in office or at home all day. It gives you almost 50-85% protection. And if you apply makeup containing SPF it adds further to it.

For a day out during 11 am to 4 pm SPF of 30 or more is required.

For outdoor trips, beach activities, water sports etc. use something stronger, with an SPF of about 50.

Remember to apply sun block half an hour before you step out for optimum benefit.