Monsoon is the season we eagerly look forward to, to get rid of the extremely hot summer. Rainy season blossoms our heart and you can find cheerful faces around. But it also brings along with it tiny microorganisms, viruses and bacteria which plague your eyes.

Does your eye look red or swollen? Do you have itching in the eye? If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is very important to take precautions and care of your eyes. 

  1. Wash your eyes with cold water: Develop a habit to wash your eyes with cold water every time you come from the rain. Washing your eyes with cold water will remove all the dust particles from within and around the eyes.
  2. Avoid sharing Towels and Napkins: Eye infection communicable. Thus sharing items of personal hygiene like towels, napkins, and handkerchief can cause a transmission of infectious bacteria and viruses from one affected member to others. 
  3. Avoid contact lenses: Do not wear contact lenses in heavy rain and winds. This will cause eye redness and itching in the eyes. 
  4. Avoid Swimming: Swimming aggravates the problem. So avoid swimming during monsoon as water contains viruses and bacteria. Dirty water enters the swimming pool and will pollute the pool.
  5. Eat Healthy: Maintain a proper diet and avoid eating street food and unhygienic food. Eat healthy homemade food. 

Generally, children play in the dirty water and get back home with germs. Clean face, hands and eye to be germ-free. You must take proper precaution to be safe and enjoy this season.