Have you always dreamt of bright, white teeth but don’t know why they are off-white or yellow? This is a concern that numerous patients have shared with us in our dental clinic. The Answer is simple: “Anything that stains your white T-shirt will stain your teeth”. 

As we age, there are multiple factors that make our teeth look yellow: improper oral hygiene, tobacco and cigarette smoking, wear and tear of teeth, and certain foods listed below:

1) Tea Or Coffee: Tea and coffee, especially Black Tea causes discolouration of your teeth. Switch to Green tea, to avoid stains.

2) Cola’s and Sports drinks: Both sports drinks as well as cola’s have very high acidic content which causes the enamel in the teeth to erode and result in staining or discolouration. Drink them with a straw to save staining the front teeth or replace these with water. 

3) Wine: Red wine is both acidic and intensely pigmented. It has molecules called chromogens and tannins which are harmful and cause tooth discolouration. White wine does not have these strong pigments but it has acidic properties to cause stains if not taken in moderation.

4) Gravies and sauces: Asian food has a lot of curries, gravies which contain turmeric which is the cause of the yellow discolouration of the teeth. Sauces like soy sauce, tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar also have the same effect.

5) Beetroot: Beetroot has a number of nutritional properties but consuming beetroot in liquid or juice form is not great for your teeth as it is very concentrated and stains your teeth immediately. Try to eat it rather than drinking the juice.

6) Popsicles  or coloured candies: If you feel like indulging in candy-pops then it would be better to avoid deep coloured, berry flavoured candies and instead go for a lemon one. Also, a sugar free gum with no artificial colours is a healthier option to go with.

7) Cigarettes and Tobacco: Smoking and smoke-free tobacco both cause your teeth to stain and turn yellow.

Can I whiten my teeth? Is it safe to do so?

A cleaning and oral examination by your dentist is recommended before your teeth whitening procedure. Also, after examination the dental professional will decide if you are a candidate for a home or in-office whitening treatment.

Amongst the latest and the fastest methods available today Zoom teeth whitening systems, sometimes called Zoom laser teeth whitening, is a powerful in-office whitening system by Phillips. The process uses a 32% Hydrogen Peroxide light-activated gel to achieve rapid and powerful whitening results with just a single procedure.

Benefits of light-assisted teeth whitening:

The dangers of do-it-yourself teeth whitening remedies are many, while the benefits of in-office professional tooth whitening are numerous:

  • Fast and Effective: As opposed to many teeth whitening systems that take weeks or months to whiten your teeth just a few shades, the light activated teeth whitening works effectively in just 45 minutes. The lamp speeds up the teeth whitening process, lightening your teeth up to eight shades whiter.
  • Long Lasting: This light assisted teeth bleaching is designed to keep your teeth looking white over a long period of time. Excellent oral hygiene and occasional touch-ups keep your smile looking bright.
  • Safe: In-office professional teeth whitening is one of the safest ways to whiten your teeth, as a dental professional is right there to monitor the teeth whitening procedure and ensure that everything works as it should.