Hello Everyone, a very happy Makarsankranti to all of you. This health feed is to make you aware of the importance of TIl Gul (sesame with Jaggery) and its relevance as health Promotion. The very first question that comes to our mind is why Til Gul and nothing else. The logic lies in the fact that during the winter the environment is dry. It leads to dryness of Skin. TIl (Sesame) is rich in essential oils which help to combat the harshness of winter. In addition to that Gul (Jaggery) provides us with a Calorie source, Iron content which helps in maintaining energy levels. Til Gul Is a cheap to make and can be rolled in the small balls. Thus it is easily distributed in solid form without a need of storage facility. This nutritional intervention helps to reach out to the poorest of the classes who lack the foodstuffs containing oils. Our culture is rich in much such nutritional intervention which is important for the community as a whole. We should make efforts form our side to distribute it to needy so that they benefit from it.