White flakes all around your shoulders is certainly not the look you’ve been planning with your outfit, is it? Having said that, those white flakes - i.e. dandruff is a problem that millions face every day. Most often, the causes include an unhygienic and poor sense of scalp health, dryness and harsh products used for your hair care. But is fighting these reasons off an easy task? Let’s get to know how!

Apply A Natural Mask On Your Scalp

Using an organic cup of curd, or diluted lemon juice as a mask for your scalp can help you fight off dandruff quite easily. Ideally, a regular usage of these masks twice a week can help save up a ton of troubles and shall help you restore your scalp’s health. Simply apply it for a few minutes and wash it off as you’d do with a shampoo. Ideally, you’d be able to see effective results in four to five weeks.

Washing Your Hair Off With Mild, Natural Agents

If you’re planning to wash your hair and scalp, do it with mild and natural agents like apple cider vinegar, gram flour, etc. You can also use herbs like reetha, amla and shikakai powder for better results. Using these natural elements for your hair reduces the chances of dryness and helps in maintaining the natural oil balance of your scalp. We really recommend getting rid of everything that includes parabens and sulfates for your scalp. Not only do these elements cause dryness of your scalp, but they are also evidently proven to be carcinogenic if used for a long term. 

Ayurvedic Therapies That Will Save Your Day

If you’re suffering from long term scalp damage, it might be ideal to opt for an Ayurvedic therapy under a registered practitioner before trying home remedies on your own. You can also go for herbal shampoos. Herbal shampoos not only restores moisture on your scalp but fights off dandruff in a way that it seldom comes back. They also have anti-microbial property that helps your scalp’s hygiene. Having herbs like tulsi, reetha, henna, amla, etc. further helps reduces the inflammation - thus, leading to a dandruff free scalp.