This article is for all those who wants to improve your skin tone and reduce the blemishes. Most of us wonder why our skin tone has been darker n blemished this days?  It was so wonderful when you were young,  correct? Answer to this is obviously our lifestyle n pollution. Lifestyle is something that we can change but pollution has been an unseperable part of our lives now.. So does that mean we have to continue looking so dull n patchy all time? Or do you have to keep spending on parlours,  cosmetologist or cosmetics??? Answer is NO,  you don't have to..  All you have to change some lifestyle and another is take some internal medications to remove the toxin benith your skin, so that your skin looks fresh n fairer than before. Why invest in cosmetis when nature is ready to help? Treatment on: Acne (pimples) Skin brightningOpen poresSkin blemishesFor more details Kindly contact Glamoved skin n hair clinic Pune