Burning fat can be one of the hardest things to do and we can all agree that limiting one’s diet is a total drag. There are too many tempting things in the world that a person can eat but in the long run, these food items can prove to be very detrimental to our health. Hence, phasing the food that nixes a person's healthy diet is very crucial. Three things that you should definitely avoid are:

1. Sugary Drinks: Sweetened drinks sure taste nice but its consumption must be avoided at any cost. Drinks like soda, aerated beverages add extra calories in your diet. The body does not count it as solid calories and hence a person won’t feel full even after the consumption of these drinks. To add to that, a person might even consume extra calories than the body requires. Even packaged fruit juices should be avoided as they are loaded with sugar. 

2. Junk Food Rich In Carbohydrates: This goes without saying that junk food is very harmful to one’s body. Carbohydrates aid to weight gain which clearly is not the goal for an obese person. Food items like pizza, white bread, potato fries, pastries, cakes should be avoided to feel healthy. Many of these items even contain Trans fats that are linked to many harmful diseases. 
3. Alcohol: If a person is obese and is trying to lose weight then cutting back on alcohol becomes very necessary. Drinking alcohol in excess is linked to weight gain and it often leads to heart and liver diseases as well. Beer in specific is very harmful if taken in excess. These cold beverages have more calories than carbs and proteins so try to totally skip alcohol consumption for a healthier body. These are a few of the many things that an obese person should avoid. 

Consult a dietician/ nutritionist for proper discussion and solution.