It's important to feel positive about your marriage and partner. Both the husband and the wife are responsible for their desire and each other's sexual desire as a team. Guilt, blame and pressure reduces sexual desire.The initial romantic phase last for less he two years usually desire in the couple is maintained by developing comfortable couple sexual pattern. The essence of sex is to give and receive pleasurable touching and intimacy and to value affectionate, sensual experiences. Touching occurs both inside and outside the bedroom, it is valued for itself and doesn't always lead to sexual intercourse.Realistic expectation are crucial for mint inning a satisfying sexual relationship.

Foreplay is the time where the man stimulates the woman to get her ready for intercourse and increase self consciousness and reduce performance anxiety. There has to be response by the lady and also pleasuring would've given by the lady to her husband in the manner expressed by him.The couple have to slowly develop a unique sexual functioning with mutual pleasure, affectionate and respect for each other. As a couple one has to be aware of their preferences and choices for satisfying relationship.