It’s time to revisit the virtues of possessing strong neck musculature. In short, the neck and cervical spine serve as the conduit from the brain to the rest of the body. Not much muscle volume protects that all-important corridor. 
It is therefore prudent to fortify that area to facilitate better function from the brain to the rest of the central nervous system. You don't need to be a football player, wrestler, MMA athlete, or soccer player to focus on the neck. Possessing a strong neck has an upside for anyone.

Five Short and Simple Neck Strengthening Exercises
Here are five simple and time-efficient neck-strengthening exercises you can add to your existing training program to fortify that cylinder that connects your brain to the rest of the body. If you don't have access to this equipment (the training equipment, not your brain), a partner can apply manual resistance to the forthcoming movements.
  1. Machine flexion - chin to the chest
  2. Extension - chin away from the chest
  3. Lateral flexion - side to side, ear to the shoulder
  4. Rotation - look to the right and left
  5. Protraction and retraction