Boost your metabolism

So you've tried all sorts of hard core cardio workouts to give your metabolism a knock in the head, but did that work? Head for power yoga! A form of strength training that is similar to circuit training, power yoga combines the goodness of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise to give you a wholesome workout.  

Add some power to your stretch

Power yoga engages more muscles through its various yoga poses. The end result? A sculpted new you who looks great and feels better than ever! The benefits of this exercise go well beyond the realm of losing weight and make you look like a million bucks.  

Breathe in air ¦ Breathe out stress

Stress relief is one of the prime benefits of power yoga. Most of the time when you are trying to lose weight, the sheer stress of not eating plunges you into a cycle of binge eating and depression. Deep breathing techniques involved in power yoga will help you clear your head and refresh your mind.  

Get the blood pumping

Power yoga is known to give your body an intense workout while improving your blood circulation. You leave the class with a bright flush and a glowing complexion, so say goodbye to your acne worries!  

Be in on the big secret

Giselle Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, and other names in the glamor industry swear that the secret to their lithe bodies are the result of dedicated power yoga. So if they can do it, why can't you?