We all know the need for proper nutrition while recovering from cancer. But have you ever wondered how the right diet actually helps you recover? Dr. Patrick Quillin has the answer for you. Cancer is a “wasting disease”, treatment for cancer often leads to loss of muscle tissue in patients. According to Doctor Quillin, forty percent of cancer patients die due to malnutrition. Dr. Quillin’s claims are backed by solid research data collated from numerous patients. According to him, the right kind of diet and nutrition changes the way the human body responds to treatment methods like chemo and radiation therapy. With the right nutrition these two destructive therapies will cause significantly less damage to non-cancerous cells in the body. Chemo and radiation therapy are also known to cause lean tissue damage and loss of appetite in patients. The only way to counter that is getting the right kind of nutrition at the right time. In certain cases Dr. Quillin even advises total parenteral nutrition.


Dr. Quillin further suggests that it is important for the patient, the oncologist and a qualified nutritionist to come together to formulate a dietary plan that is effective and suitable for the patient in question. Dr. Quillin also notes that while formulating any dietary plan it is essential to remember that cancer cells are sugar feeders. He advises recovering patients to lower their blood sugar levels to slow down the advance of cancer in their body. It has become very important now to raise awareness about cancer and ways of beating the disease. Dr. Quillin notes that in the 1900s about 3% of men could expect to develop cancer in their lifetimes, unfortunately that number has risen to upto forty percent today. There is an urgent need to do further research on cancer prevention and recovery.Dr. Patrick Quillin’s book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition, is considered the definitive work in the area of cancer nutrition. His findings are backed with meticulous research data of numerous patients. To know more you can watch his interview with Ty Bollinger by clicking the link below.