Have you noticed blood sink when you spit? Bleeding from gums can be first sign of gum disease. When disease is mild called as gingivitis and only gums are infected. If left untreated infection goes below gums into bone and serious disease called as periodontitis or pyorrhea. As infection progresses, food lodgement occur between teeth. Dental plaque and bacteria develop in that region, gums get swollen and bleeding starts. Sometime bad breath/ halitosis and pus formation occurs in the gums. Bacteria secretes some toxins and chemicals which destroy bone and tissue holding the teeth. Hence teeth become mobile and eventually fall or got extracted.

Treatment for gingivitis (Gum level infection)

1. Brush your teeth twice a day with soft bristles

2. Use antiseptic mouthwash

3. Use floss to remove plaque

4. Fluoride therapy

Treatment for pyorrhea/periodontitis (bone level infection)

1. Scaling and root planing

2. Laser gum treatment

3. Severe form needs bone graft and gum surgery

Most people are not aware of initial gum disease symptoms and do not pay attention to oral hygiene. So plan your dental visit and get thoroughly checked from specialist dentist or oral surgeon.