Relationship is an intimate involvement in human dynamics. It is a tool to gauge psychological and spiritual human growth. Just like the action of dance (it takes two to tango), relationships refines through a couple of falls, stumbling blocks, and learning how to get up and try again. Overtime, working through these blocks comes naturally and the hurdles seem smooth. It not just satisfies us in the present but helps to repair, restore, and renovate the past ripples.    

  • Attention: This means to be sensitive to your partner’s needs and feelings. Attention provides a wide arena for trust and safety in a relationship. It can make a person feel important in the relationship. Attention involves respect and curiosity from an individual. It requires active listening skills and comprehensible verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Being attentive to self is also an important factor in relationships as it paves way for you to express your discomforts or disagreements with the other person without any inhibitions.
  • Acceptance: “The glance of mercy” as in the Buddhist philosophy mentions to view the other person with compassion and understanding. Acceptance is like a safety net in which both the individuals feel unconditionally valued and respected. Acceptance of the vulnerabilities of your partner and growing with it rather than against it makes the bond even stronger.   
  • Appreciation: Accepting and acknowledging your partner leads them to build faith in themselves and the relationship. Next step is to learn to appreciate. Being grateful in a relationship brings closeness. Cherishing the other person’s worth is an unconditional gesture to make the bond stronger.
  • Affection: Affectionate communication is a typical feature of a healthy, stable relationship. Expressing affection in the relationship makes a person feel wanted. It includes kindliness, considerateness, thoughtfulness, playfulness, and romantic gestures. It can include both verbal and non-verbal way of communicating with each other. Showing affection makes your partner feel special.

For better or for worse, make your relationship a valuable experience by following these basic to-dos!

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow - this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” - Elizabeth Gilbert.