Society the world over has in a way, come of age; it seems to have matured. This article is not for any technical details of Orthodontic treatment or for checklists, but for the simple purpose of letting patients know that wearing braces is going to be psychologically easy now (Phew!)

Only a decade ago, Braces were considered to be a stigma, a choice so rarely made because "Log kya kahenge!!" 

Some of their reasons- 

1) School kid - My friends will tease me :(  (And they do!)

2) College kid - It's so uncool to get braces.. I won't get invited to parties :(

3) Young adults - How can I go for a job interview with braces?? 

                               How can I speak to my clients??

4) Bride-to-be - How do I meet potential suitors? No boy will get married to me if I have braces! :(

The list could go on and on, as these are reasons I hear EVERYDAY. But recently, as far as international trends go, people are rejecting the flawless, airbrushed beauty of a few years ago and shifting to something more approachable by embracing things that were once awkward and uncool. 

Take the cover picture of this article. I haven't picked it up from some generic folder of pictures. It's the cover photograph of the international glossy CR Fashion Book in February 2016, headed by a former French Vogue Editor. It does show that the industry’s perceptions of beauty are broader than they used to be. It is a sign of progress.

However, you must keep in mind that trends will keep changing constantly, the need for braces will remain. Let the decision to get braces be dictated not by external factors, but by you and your concern for your health.

Dr. Sneha Hukmani Sheth
The Bombay Braces