1. Digestive system affect each and every part of our body as it the power house that supplies energy and nutrition. What we eat affects every aspect of our health.
  2. Always make sure you eat plenty of fibre every day in form of fruits, salads, leafy vegetables, make these the major part of your diet. These not only give essential nutrient but keep your intestine clean, help new intestinal lining ( Mucosa) to grow, and prevent constipation, one of the biggest cause of colorectal cancer.
  3. Avoid eating in large portions, that is eat the same amount but instead of three large meals make it  six small meals.
  4. Avoid tea or coffee immediately after eating. Wait for at least an hour after eating and then have your fix of caffeine.
  5. Drink warm water about half an hour before meal, it dilates the blood vessels in the stomach thus diverting more blood to digestive system.
  6. Avoid eating any kind of preserved food, like pickles, packaged foods, packaged drinks, no matter what the labels say, they are laced with chemicals to prolong shelf life.
  7. As prescribed in Yoga, fast once a week, on this day if possible do not eat anything, just have warm water or just have fruits. If you are diabetic, please do not fast. 
  8. Yoga Asanas are the only form of physical exercise that rejuvenates the digestive system, try to perform Sahankasan, Vajrasan, Dhanurasan, Pawan muktasan every day. Vajrasan is the only Asana that you can do even immediately after having a meal. However it is safe to learn these asanas from a qualified trainer and practice. 
  9. If you are smoker, STOP IT NOW.
  10. If you consume alcohol, please do not over indulge, moderate drinking twice a week is enough. Curd is the best source of friendly bacteria, make curd part of your daily diet. Just say a big NO to junk food and fizzy drinks.