If your belly is lowering your self confidence and giving you sleepless nights, here are the tips to give you flatter and fitter belly. 

1) Add fiber to your diet

Constipation distends your belly, add veggies and fruits to your daily diet to relieve you of constipation. Reduce intake of refined cereals like maida, noodles, pasta and whole grains instead like dalia and oats. This would relieve you of constipation and bloating to give you flat tummy 

2) Decrease sodium intake

Sodium retains water in the body and hence your belly swells up, reduce intake of junk food as it contains a lot of sodium. Stop adding extra salt to dishes, also packaged and processed food contains a lot of salt so better avoid them.

3) Increase potassium

Foods rich in potassium help you get rid of balancing sodium. Fruits are very good source of potassium, adding them to  the daily diet not only provides potassium but also the fiber content in the diet increases.

4) Avoid sugary alcohol

We don't completely digest these low calorie sweeteners usually found in flavored low calorie drinks,diabetic and sugar free foods. Bacteria in large intestine ferment during gas and distention so check foods labels and avoid sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and lacitol

5) Increase liquids

Drinking plenty of liquids helps to flush out toxins from the body. Keep yourself hydrated with at least 8 glasses of water. Also include lassi, coconut water, lemon water in your daily routine. Also make sure to include home made soups only, as packaged soups are not that nutritious and contain added sodium in them.

6) Carbonated beverages and alcohol

These give you distended bellies and your dream of flat tummy falls flat. Alcohol gives you empty calories with zero nutrition.

7) Probiotic curds

Include low fat curd in your diet regime as it contains live bacteria which tame bloating by increasing intestinal motility.

8) Method of cooking 

No doubt salads and sprouts are good for our health but if you distention with them then saute, blanch or steam them. 

Also avoid fried foods as frying leads to changes in oil composition which may result in bloating. 

9) Avoid chewing gums and candies

While chewing them air enters our digestive system, giving us feeling of bloating. Also candies are zero in nutrition but contain loads of calories. Also eat slowly as gulping down increases air passage to the digestive system.

10) Individual tolerance

Some individuals are more intolerant to certain foods like reddish, capsicum, tea, cauliflower etc. So with your own personal experience omit them from your diet