Tooth whitening is most popular among patients improving the look of your smile. Professional in- office teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world nowadays unlike home use whitening agents.

Systems of tooth whitening:

1. Home bleach: Tray based whitening system either purchased over the counter or from the dentist, filling a mouth guard like tray with a gel whitening solution- which contains a peroxide bleaching contents. The tray is worn for a period of time. Generally,slight sensitivity might be experienced by the patient as you start taking it for six days, daily. In this home bleach system the sensitivity arises and settles, gradually as the days proceed. 


  • Reduces the number of visits made at the dentist’s office.
  • Patient finds it convenient to handle at home.


  • Doing it at home is not the same as getting it done by a professional dentist.
  • Whitening as desired might not be achieved very soon or it may take time for your teeth to appear white.
  • The number of days for trays to be used might extend depending upon the stains.

2. Chair side/ or surgical laser whitening: Sensitivity may last to 24 hours to 48 hours. Your teeth start to settle gradually resulting in beneficial changes. Treatment may take an hour. This whitening procedure may need to be repeated after 1.5 to 2 years depending upon how the after care is taken.


  • The results are seen immediately, within an hour. Unlike in other whitening system one has to wait for weeks or months for the changes to observe, after treatment.
  • It is a painless procedure; one may or may not feel sensitivity after the treatment.
  • Generally the sensitivity lasts for shorter duration and gradually settles down with time.
  • Zoom teeth whitening can also remove heavy stains caused by extensive smoking habit. Most importantly it helps in removing all the extrinsic stains.


  • The only disadvantage which is not considered as the major element- is sensitivity in the teeth after treatment. Moderate to mild sensitivity can last for very short duration.

3. Over the counter whitening strips or gels: These strips or gels are available for self use. Whitening toothpastes also fall in the same category. They all contain hydrogen peroxide which is the main agent responsible for whitening your teeth.


  • Saving dentist’s fee and time.


  • Concentration of teeth whitening agent in the store bought products are much lower. It may not whiten your teeth as you expected.
  • It may be difficult to handle and makes a mess, if handling is not proper which leads to wastage of material.


Q1. How does teeth whitening work?

A1. Before teeth whitening care:

  • A dentist does a comprehensive oral examination to check for prior fixing of teeth or any lesion in the mouth.
  • Scaling is recommended before undergoing the whitening process, generally in patients who smoke or drink heavily.

During teeth whitening care: 

  • The treatment begins by covering lips and underlying gums over the teeth- making only hard teeth structure exposed to UV light. 
  • Carefully a whitening gel is placed over the teeth and Zoom light is administered over for 15 minutes.
  • The treatment takes place in three cycles which is of 15 minutes each. In between each cycle the gel is removed to check the difference and relieving gel is applied as the patients might feel sensitivity during the procedure.

After teeth whitening care:

  • Your dentist will advise you to avoid certain food stuff like coffee, tea, wine,smoking, chewing tobacco or any colored food for that matter, to keep the whitening effect last longer.
  • As the teeth whitening gets older it may require touch ups occasionally, as the teeth gets darken over a period of time. Touch ups can be done by using a home bleach system or at a dental office visit (laser- Zoom Philips whitening system).
  • Your dentist will recommend brushing by using sensitivity reducing tooth paste for some time until the sensitivity settles down.

Q2. How much does the teeth whitening cost?

A2. The cost of Zoom light is in between 20,000 INR to 25,000 INR. We at Dr. Sachdeva’s dental institute have all the best available options for bleaching like ZOOM chair side whitening, BRITSMILE, OPALESCENCE BOOST for the best desirable shade results. It is the best dental clinic in Delhi.

Q3. How long does in- chair teeth whitening take?

A3. The teeth whitening procedure with Zoom light takes around 45 minutes to an hour.The treatment takes place in three cycles which is of 15 minutes each. In between each cycle the gel is removed to check the difference and relieving gel is applied as the patients might feel sensitivity during the procedure.

Q4. Is a tooth whitening permanent solution?

A4. No, it is not the permanent solution the whitening may last from few months to three years depending upon the patients with different habits.

Q5. What’s the difference between having teeth whitening at home and at the dentist?

A5. Teeth whitening at dental  office-

  • Performed by  the trained professional.
  • A dentist has  the access to higher concentrating bleaching agents.
  • In a clinic  teeth are brighten up to 10 shades in an hour.
  • The process at  the dental office will include isolation of your teeth by covering your gums and lips from the UV light exposed.
  • It helps in  removing stains caused by heavy smoking or dark colored food stuff achieving dramatic changes in ones teeth shade
  • Costs higher, quality is definitely not compromised.

Teeth whitening at home-

  • Custom made trays are designed such that they fit your teeth not letting the gel reach your gums causing itching or sensitivity.
  • Hydrogen  peroxide is in lower concentrated form not giving you desired tooth color.
  • At home you may not achieve the desired shade as you want.
  • Stains are not completely removed and also one can complain of unbearable sensitivity, at home.
  • Low costing, quality is not guaranteed by the dentist.

Q6. Can I drink tea or coffee after teeth whitening or even can smoke?

A6. It is strictly not recommended to have stained or tannic rich foods and beverages. It is important to avoid such foods and beverages immediately after the treatment to last long with the treatment. Smoking can reverse your treatment very fast making it even worse than before.