Today's blog highlights the various tooth whitening systems available.

The professional whitening systems aim to lighten the natural shade of the teeth with the help of a dental professional. It includes the chair side time of applying whitening agent in bleach trays followed up with laser light application or auto bleach activity for a period of more or less 45 mins. It's safe, effective and really lightens the shade of your teeth. Results last upto a 2-3 year period.

In-Home whitening systems are similar to the above except the percentage of the bleach agent which is moderately adjusted for every day use. Soft night guards mounted with the whitening agents are adjusted in the mouth and the patient can sleep while it stays on. It's free of side effects, user friendly, used as per the patient's requirements and has fairly lasting results.

The market is flooded with whitening products. Colgate visible white, Warren snow-dent, Himalayan sparkling shine - all provide decent results with continuos usage. Personally I would recommend any of the above as they do bring a slight change in the whitening quotient in about 2 weeks. But don't except snow white teeth. It's just a hogwash.

Now comes my favorite part - home remedies. Strawberries are known as whitening agents. They have an exponentially strong bleaching effect on the enamel. Top it up with baking soda and rub on the outer surface of one tooth. Stay put for 20 mins and rinse out. You will notice a visible difference in the colour. Compare it with the shade of the adjacent teeth.

Try out any of the above.