Lasers in Dermatology and Aesthetics

This has been a topic of interest or controversy in India purely because of our limited knowledge of the possibilities of laser treatments for skin and hair. A country where adaptability is not a challenge but being deducible is. A nation so diverse, a nation with such different skin and hair types and such diverse lifestyles but sadly a stereotype expectation - 'Quick Results'

Lasers in aesthetics, work on the principle of controlled periodic damage.  A controlled damage to the chromophore- either water for skin or melanin for hair brings about the desired results. Lasers induce collagen remodeling through selectively controlled damage hence absolutely safe when used diligently. Laser treatments are scheduled with multiple sessions to bring about maximum results. Since lasers bring about organic tissue repair they are bound to take time as every tissue has a specified remodeling time. 

There are different lasers for different indications like ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers for scars and resurfacing. Diode, alexandrite or Nd Yag for hair removal and then there are non-laser technologies like IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which can offer great results in various conditions like acne, spider-nevi, melasma and pigmentation issues.  A good aesthetic dermatology center should have USFDA approved above mentioned technologies to offer great benefits to patients through a combination of lasers. 

Ageing or skin damage is a process, it doesn't happen overnight so do the results of laser treatment, especially when it's non-invasive, safest and organic way. Let's embrace what the developed world has been using for ages. Today there are Dermatologists who are making use of this technology for a better you and there are organizations with an array of lasers which when used in combination can double the desired results. Across the globe, all aesthetic surgeons are moving towards non-invasive modality of treatments for skin and hair only because the results have been commanding. In my opinion, the credit goes to Lasers. So, say cheers to lasers.