Summer is the perfect season to start learning swimming. Many kids and adults start swimming classes in the urban areas in summers. Swimming is an extremely good exercise & a great sport. However, it is important to consider your health and safety measures before one enrolls for swimming coaching. 

As an ENT practitioner,  I see many swimmers coming with complaints of ear pain, nose & throat infections etc. Some patients had ear perforation which remain unnoticed for long but due to water entry while swimming, pus forms leading to symptoms & complicating the condition. 

Keep the following checklist in your mind:

1. Confirm appropriate standards of swimming pool

2. Medical examination before joining 

3. No swimming in cold/cough/ear pain

4. Use of ear plugs while swimming 

5. Seek medical attention at the earliest if you notice symptoms mentioned in point 3

6. Make sure you train under an expert only

It is advisable to get ENT examination before joining swimming.