How Vitamin D helps in prevent Hair loss

Although losing up to100 hair per day from your scalp is normal, there may be a serious underlying cause if you are experiencing severe hair loss. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that when deficient, can contribute to a number of health issues, among these, is the potential hair loss. 

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, can be produced in the body with mild sun exposure or consumed in food or supplements. Vitamin D deficiencies used to be rare when people got regular sun exposure. In today's society, h much of the work has shifted to indoor office jobs that allow for little sun exposure. As a result, vitamin D deficiencies are now very common in  India.

With long working hours or no time for outdoor activities, more and more people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. While staying in the sun for long hours is not recommended by cosmetologist especially without the use of sunscreen, many people are taking this advice too seriously. In an attempt to avoid sun exposure, they completely deprive their body of sunlight — which is so essential for the human body to make vitamin D.

This vitamin is also essential for overall good health, strong bones also play an important role in the functioning of your muscles, brain, lungs and heart, ensures that your body fights infection.

Telogen effluvium(T.E.) is the loss of hair due to excessive shedding – about 100 to 200 hair per day. It has been experienced by doctors that low ferritin(a protein found in cells that allow them to store iron) and vitamin D levels were associated with both types of hair loss i.e. TE and Female Pattern Hair loss.

Important tips to enhance Vitamin D absorption: 

  • When there is plenty of sun around us, it’s advisable to get some time from busy work schedule better to take 15-20 minutes sunlight exposure trice in a week, instead of taking Vitamin D supplements. It is a healthy way of including in a daily lifestyle·    
  • Fat is the culprit for vitamin D absorption. Minimise fat for better.
  • Food sources are few like egg yolk, milk and fishes (salmon), but do not give enough vitamin D than Sunshine. 

So go and take a walk in sunshine for a healthy life. Take care!