Yes, almost a 2 months break! Art, theatre, football, basketball, robotics, dance, nature walk, cooking, painting and so much more, we are poured with so many options. The parents are busy searching for a suitable camp for the kids.

Dear parents,

This summer kindly includes the following also in the list of options for your kids to learn:

  • Let kids learn to wash their plates. A 12 yr girl last time shocked me when I asked her to put the plate in the sink by saying: ‘Oh, sorry aunt. I didn’t know this was my duty. In my house, either maid or mom does it.
  • ’Every morning, make kids learn to fold their bedsheets and arrange their pillows and beds.
  • During this break, let kids learn to eat what is cooked at home instead of what s/he likes to eat.
  • Let them gather their friends, play outside the home, go for evening walks and introduce themselves to the neighbours.
  • Let kids make lemonade for themselves along with their friends after their outdoor play.
  • Let kids share toys with their siblings and friends. My friend’s daughter has 2 cousins in her hometown. When she goes to visit them, her daughter carries only one set of toys and not 3 sets. This time she will make sure her daughter learns how to share.
  • Instead of going to big cinema halls, gather lil’ friends, place a screen on the terrace or hire a projector and watch a movie. We did this last time. Awesome experience!
  • Let kids stay with their grandparents, uncles-aunts and without their parents for at least a week. Parents whoever have the option, please leave the kids at their grandparents’ place once in a while. They will take better care than us.
  • Let kids make creative things out of waste.You would never believe the creativity of the kids when you leave them to do things on their own.
  • If they get sick, let them heal without any medication. Can’t we wait for parents? It’s only a vacation. At least now we can let their immunity work.
  • Let them wake up without an alarm, let them go to bed after a tiring play.

Kids are ready to explore!!

Yes, only the parents’ fear is blocking their mind. Without showing them options parents decide about kids whether they can or cannot stay without them. There is definitely life beyond maths, language, science, art, craft, robotics, handwriting, olympiads etc..

Waking them up again in the morning, getting them dressed for some classes, making them sit and do activities again. Please remember Not All Classrooms Have Walls! Summer vacation is not only for kids, it’s for parents who can take time to recharge themselves for the next academic year, take care of their health and mind. And for grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins who are eagerly waiting for their kids to come.