Sugar is known to us for the last 2500 years. Before that time, fruits and honey were the only sweet substances available. Our sugar consumption has become 15 pounds per head which is five times than before independence. Sugar has no role as a Nutrient. It is used only for pleasing the sense or taste and for welcoming visitors and the beloved ones. 

Professor John Yudkin from England has minutely studied the properties of sugar. He has named it as a 'White Poison'. He states that there is no physiological requirement for sugar. The calorie and energy required for the body are easily available from fruits, vegetables and grains. Additional petrol exceeding the capacity of the tank does not increase the power of Motor car. The same is true for machine of the human body. Extra calories do not give extra strength to it. It just makes the person obese and prone to many diseases instead.

 Hence, the additional calories from the white sugar are totally unwanted for the body. Sugar contains no vitamins, minerals or nutrients it is just calories and sweetness. Many people think that sugar is instantaneous source of energy but there is a lot of difference between sugar and sweetness. The sweet taste of fruits is due to fructose and glucose present in them. These are the instant sources of energy but the sweetness of white sugar is sucrose present in it , which has to undergo the process of digestion before getting absorbed in the blood stream and acting as an energy giving substance. Sugar increases the blood cholesterol and reduces the elasticity of blood vessel .