Almost all men are worried about their sexual performance which causes a lot of anxiety while performing the act. This ultimately leads to loss of confidence and inability to get an erection.However, there are so many medical procedures that can help with increasing the size of penis by 2 to 5 inches. Psychological researchers show a direct link between the length of a man’s penis to his self-worth and self-confidence but there is always a high risk while getting these medical procedures done.

Penis augmentation surgery and risks involved

The most well-known penis enlargement procedure is surgical which involves injecting fat from some other parts of the body into the penis.However, like any other surgical procedure this involves risks like bleeding out or even death. Later healing stages might come with penis distortion issues and the penis cells rejecting the fat cells which may result in removal of penis altogether.

Even though all these risks are well known, a large population of men still get these procedures done. Such surgeries also leave a big psychological imprint as a change in a human body is of very personal nature. Sometimes a patient might psychologically start rejecting their new penis. Thus, these procedures should be done once you are mentally and physically fit and you have active support from your partner or friends.Like any other surgery this also takes a proper bed rest and healing time when the patient needs care and support while following all the precautionary measures.

Look for well-established urologists who have a high success rate of penis augmentation procedures and follow the given measures and proper healing period before engaging in any kind of sexual activity. After the procedure is done follow-up regularly with doctor and get immediate medical care in case of any pain or discomfort or unusual discharge.