Stress, like fever or pain,is a symptom which the body throws up to give a message that there is an underlying problem to be corrected. By suppressing stress, as in the case of fever or pain, the problem can get worse. The goal should be not to cope up with stress but to overcome it, as in the case with fever or pain.

There can be 4 strategies to overcome stress:

  1. Improving immunity to stress
  2. Increasing tolerance or resilience to stress
  3. Reducing or eliminating root causes of stress
  4. Taking recourse to customized therapies

How do we improve immunity to stress:

  1.  Mental toughness through yoga and meditation
  2.  Good physical health
  3.  Learning multi tasking skills
  4.  Fortifying with vitamins and antioxidants

How do we increase resilience to stress:

  1. Taking counseling ,coaching or mentoring
  2. Learning the art of" Forget"and "Forgive"
  3. Shunning competitive spirit
  4. Achieving contentment. 

How does one bust stress: 

  1. Spending time with friends and pets
  2. Fight the root causes through problem solving skills
  3. Get away from the root cause of stress
  4. Prioritizing bucket list