Child birth is indeed one of the most special moments in most couples’ life. And quite naturally, when they aren’t able to conceive when planning the parenting phase of their life, it comes to them as a disappointment. This leads to increased stress and eventually other ailments.

But do you know that this stress further complicates the situation and aids infertility further? A lot of my patients have gone through this and there are a few common things I suggest to all of them, to overcome this infertility related stress :

Be there for each other

That’s the most important suggestion I give to couple going through infertility treatments. Stressing over is not good for any of you. You both are suffering so don’t burden your partner to keep on comforting you every time while he is going through the same situation. Instead, be each other’s pillar of strength.

Alter your Lifestyle

Modern city lifestyle is already stressful and infertility only tends to add to the causes. When you are going through this phase, try to alter your lifestyle a bit. Don’t stress too much over your work. Eat healthy and nutritious food to keep your body fit and take some time out for exercise and meditation. It seems to be normal things but does affect your stress levels a lot.

Do not isolate yourself

Even though it seems to be, it’s not the end of the world. Medical world has advanced a lot and eventually there will be a solution to your problem as well. Don’t stop socialising. Confining yourself to a room or your home can add to the stress. Instead, spend time with friends and family who are aware of your problem and are empathetic about it.

These are some things which you can do yourself, but when you notice that things are getting worse, you should opt for professional counselling or stress management programs. It’s not only important for your overall health but is vital for your relationship with each other as well.