For years together, Players around the world have countered Premature Ejaculation with the squeeze technique. 

There is always a method to the madness. And if your problem is Premature Ejaculation, let's get you a better solution.


The standard squeeze involves pressing the penis near the glans which means interruption during penetrative sex. Now, who wants interruption? Right?

Masters and Johnson devised a modified version of the squeeze to overcome this problem. They called it the BASILAR SQUEEZE. This involves the pressing of this penis at the point where it joins the scrotum. It can be squeezed with the correct movement.

The squeeze is to be maintained for 4-8 second similar to the earlier method. They do admit that it should not be used as an alternative to the standard method, as it is not as effective.

One of the major problems faced before entering into this therapy is that "other issues" have to be resolved. They are: dislike for each other (partners), anger, alcohol, tobacco, or drug abuse, infidelity, distrust, mental or physical torture, economic strain, etc. Medical conditions also have to be diagnosed and treated properly. In India, motivating the man to come and openly discuss these issues with his partner is very difficult.

Important Considerations for this therapy:

1. Time and repeated practice is essential to achieve ejaculatory control.

2. ‘Refresher Course’ is required if gains made earlier are lost due to lack of time.

3. Do not expect total control each time. Some failures are bound to occur.

4. Change of position i.e. woman -on- top to side-by side to man-on-top is to be done slowly over a longer period of time and failures are to be expected in the initial stages.

What are the alternatives?


The first choice as mentioned before is behavioral but pharmacotherapy can be concurrently used for better results.


Excessive sensitivity of the penis especially the glans has been thought to be one of the causes of premature ejaculation. Local anesthetics have been used with the intention of reducing sensory input from the penis thereby delaying ejaculation.


Retarded ejaculation is defined as the man being able to ejaculate only after what seems to him to be an ‘excessive’ period of time. It is usually reported when the man requires ½ an hour or more of vigorous coital thrusting. It is interesting to note that most of these men do not seem to have any difficulties with erection but sometimes seems to hold them back and they are unable to trigger the ejaculatory reflex at the proper time.

This is a very common symptom in men who are regular abusers of recreational drugs or alcohol. The usual story from the couple is that the woman becomes weary and uninterested once she has had her orgasm and the man becomes tried, exhausted and fatigue which is frustrating for the couple.

Let's talk about Treatment

A three steps process is useful in treating delayed ejaculation:

  • Teaching masturbating to the point of ejaculation as a solo activity. (focus on the "solo" part)
  • Masturbation to the point of ejaculation with a partner. (focus on the "point of ejaculation" part)
  • Finally, coital connection with ejaculation to be established. (focus on the "connection")

This is easier said than done and the following aspects have to be considered:

  • Allay fears, anxieties and myths about masturbating in both partners.
  • Liberal use of lubricating jelly during masturbation.
  • Mechanical means of stimulation with vibrators is useful stimulation which should initially be used for short periods.
  • Encouragement of the partner to stimulate the penis with sufficient force and speed as many men use vigorous stimulation which the female may not understand.
  • Use of fantasy to evoke psychological stimulus as many men ‘use’ only mechanical arousal methods.
  • Those who cannot fantasize, could be advised to use erotic videos.
  • Drugs like midodrine may help.