Spine gourd or kantola or Karol as known in India is readily available during the summer and monsoon season and must be included in your diet frequently. For a regular intake of nutrients, it is recommended to add seasonal vegetables in your meals.

Spine gourd with its unique texture offers an array of health benefits. 

  • It is low in calories with a great nutritional profile. It is rich in some essential vitamins and minerals and also gives you a boost of anti-oxidants, thus making it important for us to eat this vegetable frequently. 
  • This vegetable can also help you fight infections and keep seasonal cough, cold, and other allergies away. 
  • Spine gourd is great for your digestive system, keeps you full for a longer time, and is also easier to digest. If you have constipation issues, you may add this vegetable frequently in your diet.
  • Being rich in antioxidants, it is good for your skin and also improves your general health and well-being. 
  • Spine gourd can also be a good option for diabetics and people with uncontrolled blood pressure. It will help to maintain blood sugar levels under control and also improve blood circulation. 
  • Having good water content, spine gourd is a nice option during summers to keep your body cool and hydrated. Make sure that you drink enough water to maintain water balance in your body. 

To make sure that you do not lose on the water content, cook with a little addition of water. Cover the pan with a lid while cooking to prevent water loss. 

The most interesting part about this vegetable is that it belongs to the bitter gourd family but it's not bitter even with the skin on. So eat it with the skin and enjoy this sweet-bitter gourd.

Beat the heat this summer season with this green vegetable and nourish your body.