Do you have a space between your front teeth?

If you said yes..

Gap between any of your front teeth,particularly between your central incisors,is a distraction in your smile.

This young patient was always trying to hide space between the teeth by placing tongue behind it.Eighteen months of orthodontics with brackets helped create the beautiful smile.

Looking for a temporary fix for your smile?

The removable acrylic overlay is a device formed from thin acrylic or plastic made to cover the space and blend with adjacent teeth.Its's easily snapped in and the intimate fit of the appliance to the teeth holds it in place.Removable acrylic overlays were more commonly used before the advent of bonding.

While these overlays may look attractive from a distance,they often don't bear up well under close scrutiny.They add bulk to the natural teeth,so are kept as thin as possible.However,because the plastic is so thin,it's difficult to make overlays look natural,and they can fracture and discolor easily.Moreover,eating with them can be a problem.

In some cases,however,the removable acrylic overlay may still be a desirable alternative.On the positive side,it's in expensive,and it hides spaces well,particularly for photographic purposes.If you have a special event coming up or just want a trial smile to see you without gap,talk to your dentist.

 A smile for special occasions:

This patient wanted to have spaces closed for certain occasions such as when photographed,but do not want teeth to be altered with restorations or orthodontic treatment,nor want to close the space permanently. 

A removable appliance was made to snap into place,giving the patient immediate results without permanently altering tooth structure.This allows the option of orthodontics or any other type of treatment later.The disadvantage of this type of removable appliance is that the plastic teeth are extremely thin,fragile, and easily fractured.

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Siri Dental Hospital offers all dental services. Visit us as