Plain negative thoughts or mood or attitude with bad mouth smell or indigestion also can totally decrease desire erection penetration and  ejaculation. So just do mouth gargles with salt water or chew lozenges so as to remain fresh and be pleasant and attractive.

Body odour also changes according to mood so aroma in bath water like lavender helps a lot. Also, take a salt water bath once in a while to remove negative mood aura as well as smell. If there is no casualness or humour or childishness a bit also and just seriousness in attitude then no stimulus or desire will occur no matter what you do. Home or bedroom is not an ICU and no need to make it one by being boring and very very serious about each and everything. Also patting and mischief make and feel you as if both partners are sexy. Nothing on the earth change the mood except from inside as youthfulness energy romance carefreeness all are ease and fun mixed together and more then learning; unlearning or unwinding is important in life. 

A dim light is a must in the  bedroom or during dinner and mild romantic songs or music pave the way for mood preparation of foreplay. Dry fruits with almonds pista and cinnamon or olive make you feel energetic and sexy too. Cow milk with a pinch of nutmeg and dried ginger also prevent premature ejculation. Also lemon juice is useful for the low or dehydrated sort of feeling and no doubt lemon decreases indigesion or mouth smell too.

So just take care of odours due to digestion, hygiene and moods and have good romantic sex life.