The world feels to have shrunken smaller than ever! Thanks to the fantastic air connectivity to even the most distant islands! And yet the world is a beautiful place to live in and there are loads to explore; but while you do this, do not forget to take care of your skin. 

Whether you are travelling for work or on a holiday, air travel throws its own challenges to those who want to maintain a glowing supple skin! Changes of temperature, drying effect of the air conditioner, subtle pressure changes, lack of sleep, an anxiety of work or stress of planning a holiday – these could all potentially leave you– with not so lovely looking skin. Yet you have surely seen that beautiful aunt of yours, who travels all the way from States and still has radiant and fresh skin when you receive her at the airport!

Here are some of those simple secrets she probably hasn’t told you:

1. Hydrate thy skin – Yes! this is the key mantra! Make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated from within – which ultimately reflects on your skin. I am sure the air hostess wouldn’t mind serving you an extra glass of water. Also, don’t forget to use your moisturizer on your face and hands before you board the flight and reapply it after a couple of hours, especially if you are on long flights. 

2. Use a mild gentle face cleanser – these are soap free and do not dry the skin and leave you rather fresh! Do this especially after you have landed at your destination. 

3. Use a sunscreen - don’t be surprised! When you are on board, you can have enough sun exposure by the window seat to get a mild tan (especially if you are prone to it). Yes, the sun does feel somewhat harsher when you are several thousand feet above ground level. Also, there’s sun exposure while you board the bus –to and fro, when aerobridge services may not be available. (A sunscreen must be reapplied after 3-4 hours or after sweating/washing your face) 

4. If you may want to use both the moisturizer and sunscreen simultaneously – sunscreen must be the last layer – that is, you must first apply the moisturizer. Or with the help of your dermatologist, try finding yourself a reliable single product that serves both purposes. 

5. Another part that requires your attention is your lips which often dry faster during travel, and it's sensible to carry some lip balm. Even a thin layer of simple petroleum jelly should do the trick!

6. Of course! Do not forget - You need to carry your skin care products in small travel packs. Lest you’ll attract the attention of security personnel!

7. Carry a neck pillow/ask for eye masks while on long flightscatch a nap when you can. A rested body and relaxed mind will indeed give you a fresh revitalized look.  

Hope you make the max of these tips on your trip while you have a lovely flight. Fly safe and stay stunning!