Swimming is a very common and fun form of physical activity that is beneficial for both physical and mental health benefits. However the repercussions that come along with stepping into the chlorine water and getting your skin and hair exposed to the chemicals are unavoidable. But you will be glad to know that there certain simple tips and measures that can help you keep your skin and hair safe and protect them from any harm caused by irritants and chemicals present in swimming water.

Skincare Tips:

1. Shower before and after getting into/out of the pool: make sure your shower properly before getting into the pool. The more wet your skin cells will become the hair shafts and skin cells will get well hydrated and will have least chances of absorbing chlorine water once you dip in the pool. Also shower after the swim to get rid of chlorine water on the skin surface preferably with warm water as it will help in through cleansing by opening the pores.

2. Stay hydrated: furthermore you can keep your skin cells hydrated by consuming water and also taking bottle of water at poolside and drinking water in between regularly during the swim to keep skin cells hydrated enough that they don’t absorb chlorine water from the pool.

3. Moisturize your skin well: slather good amount of moisturizer on the skin surface after swimming. Preferably lotions work well for body surfaces. Moisturizers containing Vitamin E, C and antioxidants as ingredients will be beneficial in keeping skin cells healthy and hydrated after shower.

4. Use chlorine –neutralizing shampoo or soap: after swim shower should include a touch of chlorine neutralizing soaps and shampoos which are specially formulated for swimmers to rinse away chlorine well off the hair and body.

5. Apply a layer of sunscreen: always use a water proof sunscreen to avoid any tanning before swimming. It helps in preventing damage and skin problems like pigmentation, dullness, premature ageing etc. Prefer a lotion as it forms a protective layer on top of body and blocks chlorine water from entering skin cells as well. Apply atleast 15 to 20 mins before stepping into the pool to allow your body to absorb it well.

6. Green Tea/Herbal Tea: have a cup of green tea or herbal tea rich in antioxidants which will help reduce the oxidative stress in skin cells. Antioxidants help neutralizing the free radicals and prevent any damage to skin cells.

7. Clean your swimwear: last but not the least always clean your swimwear after every swimming session thoroughly as chlorine on the fabric can fade its color and damage the fabric as well. You can also add a tablespoon of vinegar while washing your swimwear to help maintain the fabric soft and protect its color.

Just like your skin your hair also needs some extra care whilst swimming as they are equally vulnerable to damage that can be caused due to frequent swimming in chlorine water. Let us have a look at few hair care tips as well: 

Hair care Tips:

1. Oiling before swimming: Oiling is the perfect treatment for your hair before you jump into the pool. It makes your hair waterproof and forms a protective layer over your scalp.  

2. Have a quick shower before swimming: Rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower as wet hair is less likely to absorb water from the pool. It also prevents the build-up of chemical residue in your hair. 

3. Apply conditioner before swimming: Applying a thick conditioner is helpful. It not only nourishes your hair follicles but also forms a layer that protects your hair from chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the pool. 

4. Hair spray before swimming: choose a sun protection spray that prevents damage from the harsh sun and helps maintain the hydration levels of your locks. Hair sprays also protect your hair color from fading away. 

5. Wear Swimming cap to keep hair dry and away from chemicals: Preferably a silicone cap which is waterproof. Also make sure its fits your properly as this will minimize exposure to chlorine water and its damage. 

6. Post swimming shampoo your hair to get rid of chlorine deposits on hair followed by leave in conditioners to fight dryness and add moisture to nourish hair. 

7. Comb using wide tooth comb: Combing with a wide-toothed comb controls frizz and is an easy way to untangle your hair without any pain. It loosens the tension built up in the hair and reduces breakage.

Following these steps during your swimming routine will not only help maintain your physical and mental health but also keep your skin and hair healthy at the same time. Happy skin and shinning hair are reflection of healthy body and correct skincare and hair care routine.

You can also consult your dermatologist in case of sensitive skin as they can help you choose the best skincare hair care regimen as per your skin and hair condition.

Stay Healthy! Keep Shinning!