Did you know, people who spend their retirement just relaxing in a comfortable chair and giving up on any kind of work entirely, actually end up aging faster? Once you cross 60, your body undergoes many physical changes. It is especially important that you start paying special attention to your fitness routine at this stage so that you can continue to lead a healthy and active life. 

Start Slow If you've been inactive for a while, don't rush into exercising. Rather,gradually build up activity to reach recommended levels. For this, it's best to start off by visiting your doctor and get a regular set of checkups and tests done to assess your current fitness level.

Keep it moving

Make sure you don't spend hours on end every day just sitting or lying down. You have to keep yourself moving if you want to remain healthy. Avoid the temptation of watching TV for prolonged periods, sitting down and listening to music, or reading.

Customize your routine

Once your doctor has cleared you to get started, try to do something physical every day. Typically, you should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate activity in a week. This could include activities such as walking fast, doing water aerobics, riding a bike or playing tennis. If these activities feel too strenuous, try yoga. Just make sure you join a class that's specifically tailored to your age group and comes with a certified instructor. Keep in mind, that household work such as shopping, cooking or cleaning, doesn't count as moderate exercise, since the effort that goes into those chores doesn't raise your heart rate enough. It is important to make an effort and push yourself a little.