Chin up! Is double chin, hindering your look and pictures? Don't let that bother you anymore. After a certain age, our skin tends to drop on elasticity and collagen, both responsible to keep the skin from sagging and firm. In addition, the hustled-bustled lifestyle, with lack of proper nutrient and disciplined eating, stress levels at peak and indulgence in smoking and alcohol augments the loss of elasticity and collagen. 

Surgery sure has become a popular way forward but you don't need to burn your pockets or get under the knife to get rid of double chins. Simple and Easy exercises, can help you get rid of double chin. Please consult a fitness expert before following any regime and most importantly, do not forget to do a warm up before you begin and a cool down routine post exercising.

Say 'O' Yes, all you need to do is say O. 

Saying O doesn't take much time and she could easily do this while watching TV with family. 

  • Lean your head back, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and back is straight up, before you go leaning. 
  • Once lean, look toward the sky, with closed lips, and say an O with mouth as closed as possible. 
  • Hold it there, starting with 10 seconds the first time, going up to 20 seconds. 
  • Slowly, bring your head back and relax. That's it, you have already completed one out of ten sets of saying O.
  • Repeat the same, 9 more times, daily! 


No, it does not implying kissing someone literally. 

  • Shoulders relaxed, back straight up, lean your head backwards. 
  • Now it's time to pout like you'll be kissing the air, extend your lips as far as you can. 
  • You'll feel the pull and contraction in your neck and jaw. 
  • Hold your neck in the same position for 5-7 seconds.  


  •  Turn your head towards left, press your tongue out. 
  • Don't push too hard, only go as your body limits you.
  • Make sure you feel the stretch in the jaw. 
  • Relax and bring your head, in the centre. 
  • Do the same on the right side. 
  • Repeat this exercise for about ten times. 

It's as important as doing these exercises that you follow a disciplined approach to it.