Our body is made of complex substances and now and then we keep on suffering from something or the other relating to our body, thanks to our lifestyles. While a cough and cold and similar illnesses are taken care of all as it is visible and easy to be discussed, the society is still hush-hush about problems related to our private parts.

Even if there is something going on in secret, most of the women in India consider it better to keep it a secret rather than sharing it with someone and making it known. It’s somehow a taboo that something is wrong with the girl/woman if her reproductive organs aren’t working well.

In reality, just like other organs, our reproductive organs can also dysfunction now and then and there’s nothing to worry as long as we don’t keep it hidden and increase the complications. So, what are the warning signs? How do you know that it’s time to visit the gynaecologist?

Here are some of the signs that suggest so:

Irregular Menstruation

In spite of it being too common among women, women choose to ignore it. Maybe that’s the very reason why they choose to ignore it. Common doesn’t mean that it is fine. Women need to monitor their periods and visit a gynaecologist if periods are too much heavier or too much lighter than it normally is.

Also, if one’s cycle is unpredictable, they must consider a specialist consultation to identify the cause and rectify it.

Excessive Fluid Flow

Fluid secretion in the female body is normal but not when it is excessive or a routine. Mostly, white transparent fluid is secreted from woman’s body when she is ovulating. Other than that, a considerable amount of fluid can be noticed when sexually aroused or satisfied. If any other fluids are noticed regularly, it needs special attention and care.

Rashes around the Genitals

Summers can bring in rashes around the genitals because of friction; it should be fine after applying antiseptic creams or cleaning it with antiseptic liquids. If the rashes take the form of allergy or do not go away even after much care, you need to consult a gynaecologist.

Irritation/Itching in the genital area while urinating

Persistent itching in the genital area of irritating feeling while urinating can be danger signs for something more severe that it looks like. You should immediately consult your gynaecologist to soothe the effects and avoid anything worse.

Painful Intercourse

Many people ignore this but it is a matter of concern. Mostly, women from lower strata of the society think that it is their duty to satisfy their men and sex is painful in general. But it is not. It should be about both persons involved. If anyone of you is in pain, and the pain is repetitive every time you come close, you need medical attention.

There is nothing to be ashamed about. A regular checkup can make your experiences better and can help you lead better sexual life.

We emphasise on early diagnosis of problems related to all the above symptoms. If delayed, they can cause severe and irreversible damages to the reproductive organs as well as body.