Lots of couples visit our clinic with various queries / problems regarding their couple / love / sex life ( eg: - erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation in males & menstrual problems, PCOD, Infertility & many more in females). I ask the very first question - "right from the moment you achieved sexual maturity ( erection in males & menarche in females), how many times have you gone for Servicing of your Sexual Life ?????". The answer is obviously a big blank on their faces.

( here i'll focus on Male Sex Life Rejuvenation & females' sex rejuvenation would be discussed in coming articles.)

Imagine, whenever you fetched any vehicle, you never forgot to go for regular prescribed servicing in order to maintain its efficiency ( & not because it stopped working ). You are also free to continue with your vehicle without servicing --> efficiency keeps on diminishing & ultimately it stops working :-( . The same happens with our body ( sex life is not different from our body), we never went for prescribed servicing & kept on using it ( in form of masturbation, intercourse etc.) resulting into its significantly decreased efficiency ( delayed or almost no erection, decreased hardness, early / premature ejaculation etc.). In my OPD / Online consultation, following are the most common complaints we hear from the gentlemen ( age group : 13 - 55 years);

  • work pressure & tension destroyed my sex life.
  • with the time, i have lost my penis hardness ( it used to be rock hard in initial years).
  • duration of foreplay & intercourse has significantly decreased  ( as compared to initial few years) & i ejaculate very soon 
  • i ejaculate before inserting into my wife / partner.
  • my liver & digestive problems have significantly affected my love life
  • due to back & joint pain & stiffness, i m not able to make shots during intercourse.
  • diabetes ( despite well controlled sugar level, HbA1c, Lipid profile etc.) has destroyed my sexual life.
  • obesity, hyper/ hypothyroidism has destroyed my sexual life
  • Many more.........................................

Prevention is always better than cure hence better meet your doctor when you are healthy in order  to maintain that healthy status (& not only when you become ill).

Servicing of your sex life falls under following categories;

# Home Servicing ( you can do it by yourself)

# Servicing by a Qualified Doctor

  • oral medications & food supplements.
  • by Detox Procedures

# Home Servicing ( you can do it by yourself)

from Dec.-Jan. below given ideas will bring you good strength:

  • do yoga for at least 30 min. ( at least 45 min. for diabetics, obese, hypothyroid patients) in early morning, empty stomach ( the yoga which benefit you the most can be advised after seeing your medical history)
  • don't eat the food which irritates your liver & digestive system.
  • constipation is the biggest enemy of your sex life..... don't let it dominate.
  • Desi Cow's Ghee ( made by traditional Indian method ) - 1 tsp must be taken along with cow milk ( don't take any ghee from market, they are butter oil & not ghee). this is not for diabetics, obese, hypothyroid patients.
  • smoking & any addiction burns your sex life, quit it.
  • don't consume any OTC products from market claiming to enhance your sex power - it may irreversibly destroy your kidney, liver & other vital organs.

# Servicing by a Qualified Doctor

  • oral medications & food supplements

following medicines & food supplements are usually used by us & preparation of any one of the following medicines require trituration by several herbs & 1-2 years for completion. -

  1. Suvarna pishti ( Nano-Gold particles / incinerated gold)
  2. Rajat pishti ( Nano-Silver particles / incinerated silver)
  3. Mukta pishti ( incinerated pearl)
  4. Praval pishti ( incinerated coral)
  5. Many more.................
  • by Detox Procedures:

Unavoidable & most important for a healthy body & good sexual life - any one must undergo this detox procedure at least once in a year ( normally at least 3 times per year is required). 

even the oral medicines & food supplements work 10-20 times better in a detoxified body.

Detox procedure may be of 08, 15 or 30 days as per the need of the patient.

you need not take any leave from your work for the detox procedure.

thanks for your patience & it would be a privilege for me if any one gets benefited.

kind regards

Dr. Ranjeet Sharma; M.D.( Ayurved Medicine), DY (Yoga & diet), CCYP, BAMS, FOA, IMS