Mutual pleasuring by touching

Touch is a vital of personal human communication. Tenderness, affection, solace, understanding, desire, warmth, comfort, any feeling can be conveyed to the partner by touching. Thus, a fullness of sexual expression can be achieved. This actually eliminates the pressure of performance and hence fear of failure.


Both the partners are equally involved. The entire act should be slow, steady and full of love and understanding. There should be no time limit.


  1. Both the partners take off their clothes
  2. One partner (either one) gives experience of pleasurable touching to the other; massages or fondles the other
  3. A soothing lotion is used for application
  4. The receiving partner gives verbal/nonverbal directions about preferences for the location and the intensity of touching
  5. The giving partner provides pleasure accordingly to the getting partner
  6. The receiving partner should inform the giving partner if anything is unpleasant, irritating or distracting
  7. Both should think and feel sensuously
  8. Avoid touching the breasts and genitals at this stage
  9. The couple should not proceed to intercourse
  10. The entire procedure is reciprocated by the other partner
  11. The procedure is repeated daily for 3-4 days.

Step 2

  1. The previous procedure is repeated by both the partner
  2. They proceed to the touching the breasts and genital
  3. The couple should not proceed to intercourse
  4. Touching is reciprocated by the other partner
  5. This is repeated daily for next 3- 4 days.

Step 3

  1. Touching is done to each other by both in a simultaneous and mutual way.

Note: In Indian situation, Sensate Focus Exercise can be done by taking bath together and using oil for massage, provided there is availability of enough of water and privacy.