The subscapularis originates at the subscapular fossa and inserts into the lesser tubercle of the humerous.This is another muscle that will greatly influence the glenohumeral region despite the fact that it is a small muscle.   When this muscle becomes shortened and overactive it will laterally shift the scapula and medially rotate the humerus causing protraction of the scapula and internal rotation of the shoulder. Impingement often happens when this muscle becomes overactive. The subscapularis in dysfunction will associate muscular recruitment with the pectoralis minor.  

When these two muscles work together, they will wreak havoc on the shoulder.  When the pectoralis minor anteriorly depresses the scapulae simultaneously with internal rotation from the subscapularis, this will commonly bring about shoulder problems.  This can be attributed  to the compromised posterior chain of the scapulae and the humerous functioning from an impaired length tension relationship.  

Releasing this muscle is very important for the return of functional scapular retraction.  The Subscapularis is also a rotator cuff muscle so releasing it will often relieve tension associated with shoulder immobility. Most of the time, when no tears are present in the rotator cuff, a Subscapularis release will render the most immediate results in terms of pain relief.  

This area is generally very difficult to track down for many.  It is best to take a passive approach initially to slowly introduce the body into this type of stimulus.  It is advised to take deep breaths when doing this release as the diaphragm expanding the ribs will mobilize the fascial structures in that region.  This will improve the results of the technique immensely.


To release this muscle we will need a stick to brush its fibers. Find the crease of where the Latissimus Dorsi is located and very slowly bring the arm over. We will then apply pressure upon the anterior surface of the scapulae. It is quite likely you will not be able to reach the most medial fibers but this release will still be sufficient.