A barren woman conceived after treatment. She was kicked in the abdomen with bricks so that she could abort(deliver prematurely) at 32 weeks. It was a girl child she was carrying. Horrified after reading this news item and I had to share the brutalities of murder, blame game by husband and in-laws and role of police and judiciary.

Keep the faith, the husband has been arrested and in-laws are being investigated along with parents of the woman.

This woman conceived with difficulty and some greedy doctor told the family that she was carrying a girl child.

This happened in Punjab. But people can be more brutal in subjecting mothers of daughters only to subtle brutalities which carry no proofs.

Post-mortem report has confirmed beatings by brick like materials.

In-laws blamed parents of a dead woman for giving her MTP pills as parents wanted their daughter to be More secure with a son in her marital home.

MTP is possible with tablets only until 8 weeks of pregnancy.

No doctor can reveal gender at 8 weeks by looking at Ultrasound.

How are parents made to be responsible?

Some in-laws play Safe.

Blaming the unfortunate Mothers of educated daughters only is an easy escape route to avoid getting caught by authorities when a coveted son is born after 2 daughters.

Keep blaming the mother as she could not bear a son and she 'supposedly' Suffered, because her husband walked away for want of a son.

Beti padao, Beti Bachao is the slogan for papers only as it invites more ads.

People with conscious intact Do Worship their daughter as Goddess incarnate, educate her like sons and give her equal opportunities in life besides free water and sunshine plus good food to carry on living.

Just felt like sharing here with others.

Maybe it can be a lesson for others before they Blame the Mother of married daughters forbearing son, helped by science, after daughter(s).

It is Not Possible to abort beyond 8 weeks with MTP pills, not at 32 weeks for sure.

It is Murder of a premature baby at 32 weeks and not abortion caused by 'manipulative' mother, concerned about the security of her daughter in her Marital home.