Safe Long cut is better than Risky Shortcuts in Diet Exercise Activities Friendship Sex etc says Dr Vaibhav Lunkad

It is a normal psychology of "Hurry Worry Curry" in all things from childhood which "Causes Casualties which you have to keep Correcting" whole life. Isn't it true that we have to "repeat revise re-do restrain remind relocate" so many things because of not doing it Fully Unhurtingly Care-fully Knowingly the first time itself.

It's so important to create HI-story by understanding that H is honesty and I is integrity which if together in anything they can create a story of HI-STORY.So now that you have readied your mind to create history in Diet Exercise Activities Friendships Sex(D.E.A.F.S.) etc and usually people turn deaf when advised let's change for the better by 180 by taking a SAFE LONG CUT THAN RISKY SHORTCUTS.

SAFE LONG CUT means doing a thing steadily with enjoyment and "without getting bored or tired" as the process or journey should be enjoyed and not the end or start.So sex or diet or any activity for that matter like having a cup of tea or sex WHICH should be done slowly steadily enjoying every small bit of the process as that creates satiety and a satisfaction or you are prone to become  A FOODIE OR HAVE AN EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIR which is dangerous as they are RISKY SHORTCUTS.

RISKY SHORTCUTS can give fun BUT AT A HIGH RISK RISKY SHORTCUTS can give satisfaction BUT AT A HIGH RISK RISKY SHORTCUTS can give friendship BUT AT A HIGH RISK RISKY SHORTCUTS can give "ALL" BUT AT A HIGH RISK After seeing the History of happy successful people it is important to remember that NO RISKY SHORTCUTS but only SAFE LONG-CUTS are the best techniques for being an ACHIEVER in diet exercise activities friendship sex etc.Yet if you differ or even like please respond to me on