Nature has been enormously graceful with providing us with unlimited supply of the elixir of life – water. It is necessary for the survival of all living species on earth. Water is so important for our survival that our body just cannot function optimally without it. 

But as water is vital of survival and its deficiency in the body can cause a lot of problems, it is also important that we know how we should consume it and how it could help us stay fit and fine during the summers. Summers are hot and the body loses a lot of water through the heat and sweat. It also makes us exhausted quite easily in summers. It is important that we stay hydrated and drink water in plenty during the summers.  

Let’s look at some of the ways how we should drink water and how it helps in keeping us fit in summers: 

Drink some water as you wake up  

While we sleep, our body losses water. It is always advisable to drink some water before going to bed and after you wake up. The body is dehydrated when we get up in the morning and moreover, drinking water in the morning helps remove all toxins from the body that it gathers all the night. It also helps kick start the metabolism process.   

Keep drinking throughout the day and don’t wait to drink water only when you are thirsty 

Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink water, drink little by little all through the day. You are already below the normal requisite quantity when you feel thirsty and sipping throughout the day helps lessen the stress on the heart and allows the body more time to absorb the nutrients.  

Never drink water when it is too cold 

Water at room temperature satisfies your thirst better than drinking it cold. Too cold water can shock your system and damage the digestive juices in the intestines. Medically drinking cold water along with food can turn to be toxic while digestion.  

Avoid constipation in summers by drinking water 

Constipation in summers is not a difficult experience that one who suffers only knows. And, drinking less amount of water during the hot days is; one of the major reasons behind it. Water keeps the linings of the digestive tract moist and wet, helping the system of easily process, digest and pass out foods. In the absence of water, the mobility in the intestines slows down and causes constipation. Eating foods rich in fibre and drinking ample water are the only respite.

It helps regulating body temperature 

We sweat more in summers than in any other season. The reasons are obvious. But, at the same time sweat and heat makes the body lose water causing dehydration and heat strokes, as the body temperature rises above normal due the same. the best way to counter such situation is drinking more and more of water and keep drinking as we move. It is always suggested to carry a bottle of water along in summers, when we move out under the sun. It cools down the body and thereby regulates the body temperature.   

Helps protecting the skin from heat and sun 

Well this is an obvious one, yet we still tend to consume lesser amount of beverages daily. Truth is, if your skin looks tired, so do you. By keeping your skin hydrated, your skin can do its part and remove toxins that builds up inside. Toxins can come from the environment and from you as well, so it needs to be removed constantly and particularly in the hot season.   

It is heart healthy 

Drinking a good amount of water can actually decrease your chances of heart problems such as a heart attack. Water thins out the blood in your body which makes it easier for blood to pump through the heart. So, your heart will do less work and last longer. Summers put a lot of load on the heart because of the heat and sweat.    

Tips for drinking more water in summers

Carry a bottle along: Make sure that whenever you go out, carry a bottle of drinking water, so that you don’t to reach out for it, whenever, you need it.

Have juicy fruits

If you are not so much water friendly, juicy fruits are good options.Reach out for oranges, watermelons, lemons, apples, grapes etc. These fruits have high water contents and also the essential nutrients to keep you hydrated and healthy all season.        

Have healthy soups with veggies for lunches 

We all have our lunches and in summers it is good to have foods that have high water contents. Soups helps retain the water content of the body and the veggies provides all the nutrients needed for a healthy body.